A growing share of today’s workforce is gravitating towards independent and off-site work. At the same time, the quest for community in professional life is becoming ever more prevalent. As a result, coworking is fast becoming the go-to workspace for freelancers to gather, connect, grow and develop.


We got caught up in the coworking frenzy and quickly signed up. It sounded ideal - a full package of office services along with a community of like-minded people. But it didn't take us long to realise that we weren't really getting either. As lowly hot-deskers, we were sat in the least desirable area on the floor by the toilets or stairs, and we were privy only to limited access to the office services. We also saw that the promise of ‘community’ wasn’t much more than a marketing buzzword. The office members were cut off behind the walls of their private space and the dedicated desk members formed their own clique in their prime section of the space. So we packed our bags and moved to another coworking space. But it was more of the same. We realized that the we weren’t going to find a suitable work environment unless we created one ourselves. So that’s what we did. We set about creating an informal, fully serviced workspace, where members could be part of a genuine, hierarchy-free, all-inclusive community - a true coworking colarchy.


We went right back to the drawing board. We’d noticed that most coworking hubs were little more than glorified serviced offices with a few alternative lighting fixtures, glass walls and funky wallpaper. We wanted to create an atmosphere which fostered a genuine community and which lent itself both to professional comfort as well as a relaxed state of well-being. So we waved goodbye to corporate desks and chairs and everything else bland, and welcomed in its place a trendy homely informal lounge. In came sofas, armchairs, banquette seating, dining tables and chairs, to make your working days more comfortable, more sociable, more relaxed and no less productive.


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